Alain Boite,
The choice of excellence.

Considered as the great cultured pearl expert in gem quality, Alain Boite has become the favored provider of the High Jewelry international brands. From the selection in the pearl farms to the creation of exceptional sets, his practiced eye is constantly looking for perfection.

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The House Alain Boite

Alain Boite buys pearls directly from the most prestigious pearl farms in order to find for his client the highest quality and rarest sizes. Our pearls are originally from Japan, Indonesia, Tahiti, Australia, Myanmar and China. The assembly of a pearl set corresponding to the criteria of quality that Alain Boite reserves to the most luxurious jewelry brands, is sometimes prolonged. Indeed, the time to find around the world pearls that match perfectly can take several years.

South Sea pearls

From Tahiti, Indonesia, Australia, the incredibly large South Sea Pearls are available in a wide variety of colors.

Akoya Pearls

It is the first of cultured pearls, a timeless classic.


Discover The House Alain Boite

The pearl trade taught by his uncle, Alain Boite created his eponymous company in 1984 with one objective: achieving excellence.

Thus, he started a search for the highest quality pearls : from the unobtainable smallest diameters, to the largest sizes known to man, but always with a concern of a flawless quality.

The major jewelers from Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong, swear by him when the rare pearl has to be found.

Alain Boite welcomes in his office located at the heart of Paris an international clientele eager for the compositions he has created. As well, he exhibits several times per year at international shows, in Hong Kong, in Switzerland or in the United States.